YOUMARES 4 Conference: marine plastic pollution among the themes

Marine Litter News for clean&healthy seas

Registration for YOUMARES 4 in Oldenburg, Germany from 11.-13.09.2013 is now open!

Among other theme sessions, it includes:

Marine Plastic Pollution: From Sources to Solutions

Plastic accounts for around 70% of the marine debris and since synthetic material has a long decomposition time it poses a great risk for the marine environment. Physical, chemical and biological degradation lead to smaller plastic particles. These microplastics also accumulate in the marine environment bringing about yet unknown threads. Plastic pollution is a complex subject causing tremendous ecological, economical and social problems. Young researchers are invited to contribute with their work on plastic in the marine environment and its associated problems to solve the gaps in our knowledge. We would also like to encourage the presentation of management recommendations and strategies on how to reduce and monitor marine plastic pollution.

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