Outcomes from Berlin Conference: comprehensive marine litter issue paper

Marine Litter News for clean&healthy seas

The final Issue Paper of the “International Conference on Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in European Seas” (10-12 April, 2013) and the posters exhibited at this event are now available on the conference web-site (http://www.marine-litter-conference-berlin.info/userfiles/file/Issue%20Paper_Final%20Version.pdf).

The final Issue Paper as well as the Message from Berlin were presented to the Marine and Water Directors at their current meeting (May 30-31) in Dublin. They thanked Germany and the European Commission for the successful organisation of the conference, welcomed this opportunity to debate possible solutions for marine litter in detail and took note of the Issue paper and the « Message from Berlin ». Furthermore the Marine and Water Directors agreed to consider marine litter in depth at their next meeting in Vilnius in December 2013. They asked the Marine Strategy Coordination Group and, if relevant, the EU Technical Subgroup on Marine Litter to follow up on elements discussed…

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