Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Workshop 1 – Energy

The European Commission is organising a series of stakeholder workshops assessing the benefits and challenges of MSP for specific maritime sectors and activities. The first of a series of workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Workshop 1 – Energy will take place on 14 June 2013 in Malahide, Dublin, Ireland. It will be followed by a workshop on MSP and fisheries/aquaculture in Lithuania in November 2013 and one dedicated to MSP and shipping in March 2014 – more will follow.

The workshops will gather experts, industries and NGOs discussing the coexistence and synergies between economic activities at sea in a context of increasing use of marine space. The workshops will aim to draw conclusions on the specific needs and best practices on cross-sector cooperation. Discussions and conclusions will feed the work of the Commission to support the deployment of MSP in Europe.

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