Special Series on Coastal Climate Change – New Issue on Ports and Renewable Energies

EUCC Germany together with the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) has published the 2nd issue of the Coastal & Marine Magazine Special Series on ‘Coastal Climate Change’. The series is supported by several national and international projects and the new issue focuses on ports and renewable energies. Covering articles from the Baltic and the North Sea, it discusses port development and port adaptation strategies, impacts on shipping routes and maritime labour markets, new possibilities for geothermal and wave energy generation but also the impacts of offshore wind farms on migratory birds.

The magazine aims at those professionally involved in coastal management, planning and conservation in Europe and can be downloaded under http://www.eucc-d.de/coastal-and-marine.html or http://www.eucc.net/coastalandmarine/index.htm.

Preparations are under way for two more issues in the Special Series on ‘Water and Beach Management’ and ‘Nature Conservation’ (both with respect to coastal climate change). Please feel free to contact the editorial team (eucc@eucc-d.de) if you feel that you could contribute articles to those upcoming issues.

Coastal & Marine Magazine Special Issue
Coastal & Marine Magazine Special Issue