Marine Strategy Framework Directive Reporting – Metadata Tool

As agreed by Marine Directors in November 2012 and discussed at WG DIKE 18-19 March 2013, an add-on tool for the MSFD reporting Access database has been developed for use by those Member States who wish to fulfill their obligations under MSFD Article 19(3) through the ‘metadata catalogue’ option. This add-on tool to capture metadata on data (or datasets or data products) resulting from the MSFD Article 8 initial assessment is now available along with an installation guidance at

Those Member States who have advised the Commission on alternative ways in which they will fulfill their obligations under Art. 19(3) in full do not need to use this add-on tool. Some Member States may choose to use the tool for only part of this requirement (e.g. where they have used a mixture of data and literature for their initial assessment).

The Commission recommends the additional information for Art. 19(3) is provided together with completion of the non-priority fields (i.e. by 15 April) or with any final updates of the priority fields (i.e. by 30 April) as this could be most efficient for Member States in the process for uploading files to ReportNet.

Please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk if you have any inquiries related to the MSFD reporting

Mette Wolstrup
Project Manager