EUCC takes part at Worldwide Beach Clean Up 2013 in The Netherlands

Author: Wouter Coomans
Author: Wouter Coomans

By Lotte Kauffman, EUCC The Netherlands.

Last 24th of March the Dutch branch of Coastal & Marine Union EUCC organized a local Beach Clean Up at the coast of Scheveningen, The Netherlands. This was part of the 18th Ocean Initiative, a weekend promoted by Surfrider Foundation Europe where local partners and organizations clean the beaches together with the public.

The clean-up was a huge success. Together with 80 volunteers we sorted the collected litter by material and origin. The most beautiful pieces of litter were used in an art sculpture. Dutch artist Wim Boer prepared a big frame of a harbor porpoise for this purpose. The litter sculpture is now exhibited in the Coastal & Marine visitors Centre in Scheveningen, The Hague.


The Beach Clean Up is the start of a big range of activities for the Campaign ‘Stopping marine litter together’ in The Netherlands.