QualityCoast now an official “destination eco-label”!

QualityCoast has recently been recognized by the DestiNet global tourism portal as a destination certification; we meet all criteria for an independent certification! Virtually all certifications in the selection of certifications are accommodation labels. QualityCoast is the only programme focusing exclusively on destinations. All certified QualityCoast destinations will be included in the DestiNet Global Atlas ofExcellence: http://destinet.eu/portal_map.

DestiNet is an independent portal which brings together the global community of people and organisations working on making tourism more sustainable. DestiNet is administered by ECOTRANS in partnership with the EEA, UNEP, and UN WTO. DestiNet is officially registered as a United Nations “Partnership for Sustainable Development”.

A visit to the DestiNet website is highly recommended: www.destinet.eu.