Improved insight on marine litter in Europe: EC releases three studies

Three studies have been contracted by the European Commission, DG Environment to aggregate data on marine litter in European Marine Environments, to contribute to achieving good environmental status with respect to descriptor 10 on marine litter of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and to help to further develop (European) policy for marine litter. The results of the three studies will also contribute to the Rio +20 commitment to take action to achieve significant reductions in marine debris and the achievement of the goals and strategy objectives of the Honolulu strategy.

As the studies are closely linked, a common chapter has been developed, integrating the respective results.

The results of the studies are now available here:

Barcelona workshop june 2012-001
Barcelona workshop on marine litter within “Case studies on the plastic cycle and its loopholes in the four European regional seas areas” (Photo: Annemie Volckaert)

The latter has been implemented by a consortium led by ARCADIS and including Coastal&Marine Union (EUCC) at the core technical group and EUCC Mediterranean Centre, which implemented the Mediterranean regional case in Barcelona.

The European Commission is a very active player in addressing the issue of marine litter. Commission policies, strategies, legislation and environmental projects, research and other initiatives aim to increase the knowledge base and to foster cooperation and dialogue.