We are Mediterranean

Source: MWO

The results of the study showed that between 1961 and 2008, the region’s ecological deficit, measured by the difference between the regenerative capacity of the biocapacity of the region and the demand for resources and ecosystem services, increased by 230% (cf. figure 1).

In other words, the average Mediterranean resident currently has an ecological footprint of 3.1 global hectares (gha), whereas only 1.3 gha per person are available in the region. In 2008, only 40% of the ecological footprint of the region was met by local ecological assets, the remaining being imported from countries located outside the region.  In addition, since the early 2000s, the global ecological deficit contributes to the rising prices of the world’s diminishing resources. This trend questions the regeneration biocapacity – by 2008, humanity was using 52% more resources and ecological services than were available globally – but also the financial capacity of the…

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