Youngsters as agents of Change, an initiative of Climate for Coastal Cooperation!

The establishment of an Young Professionals Coastal Community (YPCC) has been agreed and discussed at length recently at the occasion of the LITTORAL Conference (27-19th November) in Ostend, Belgium. Approximately 50 participants have attended a dedicated workshop involving young professionals. These professionals represented and presented three practical cases from the Belgium Coast  (CUC Brugges-Ostend), and Vlissingen (Delta Academy, UAS Vlissingen) and Wadden Sea / Ameland (HVan Hall L., Leeuwarden) from the Netherlands. The main goal was to share innovative/resilient/ no-regret adaptive options and involve young professionals at an early stage through familiarising ICZM concepts and tools. This has been organized by the initiative of the “Climate of Coastal Cooperation”, which has produced a book, and internet version (with extended articles) and website


This workshop concluded with the support and willingness to create an Young Professionals Coastal Community (YPCC) that will be based in the principles of: working together and exchange knowledge on impacts and solutions between experts and students by developing challenging training programmes with appealing field work guided by experts, for universities with the universities! This will entail the establishment of an e-communication platform, set-up of an international  core group of experts /mentors and in the future the extension of activities to other universities and countries, based on present experience is foreseen.

The presentations from  this can be found online at Workshop 2: Climate of Coastal Cooperation – organized by EUCC: