Publications: Contested Forms of Governance in Protected Areas and The Atlas of Coasts & Oceans.

Contested Forms of Governance in Protected Areas

By Natalie Bown et al.

ISBN 978 0 415 50064 7 (2013, 200 pp.). Price £ 75.00.

In this book the authors examine the governance of marine protected areas, and in particular Beginning with an assessment of the marine energy resource, this book provides a detailed introduction to the main technologies currently being employed to harness wave, tidal an offshore wind power. It then examines the types of policies which are used to encourage deployment around the world, and progress towards meeting targets. The economics of offshore energy projects are discussed, along with risks that projects face and the types of finance which are available. A final section turns to barriers – both technical and non-technical (including environmental, health and safety, skill related, supply chain an more) – and in all cases suggests how to mitigate and remove these barriers.


The Atlas of Coasts & Oceans.

Mapping ecosystems, threatened resources and marine conservation

By Don Hinrichsen

ISBN 978 1 84971 207 1 (2011,128 pp.) Price £ 12.99.

Human activities have taken their toll on the seas. This atlas shows how urbanization, climate change, offshore oil drilling, shipping routes, global tourism, and maritime conflict have had a profound impact on the world’s oceans and coasts. It addresses the ecological, environmental, an economic importance of marine phenomena – such as coral reefs, eroding shorelines, hurricanes, and fish populations – as well as the global challenges we face to manage common waters and  their resources before development destroys the ultimate the ultimate source of all life on the “blue planet .

The atlas combines text and images in visually engaging , thematically organized map spreads.


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