News on the Baltic Sea Region climate adaptation project BALTADAPT

In April 2012, the 1st BALTADAPT Policy Forum took place in Berlin, Germany, bringing together high level policy makers and representatives from relevant national ministries, the European Commission, international and regional organizations and academic institutions in the field of climate change and adaptation from across the Baltic Sea Region. It kicked-off the working process on the development of a proposal for a macro-regional climate change adaptation strategy.

In May 2012, transnational stakeholder workshops for the tourism (with support of EUCC Germany) as well as the agricultural sector took place in Germany and Sweden, providing opportunities to exchange views and experiences, to identify long-term goals for the sectors as well as issues that are recommended to be included in the adaptation strategy and priority areas for political action.

From 26-28 September 2012, BALTADAPT held its 4th transnational partner meeting in Berlin, Germany. Since the last meeting in January 2012, the partners worked intensively on the elaboration of macro-regional impact and vulnerability assessments as well as on a transnational gap-fit analysis.

In the upcoming months, BALTADAPT will focus on preparing its two main outputs: the macro-regional climate adaptation strategy and its corresponding action plan, both implementing strong links to the revision of the Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

Recent and future project documents:
BALTADAPT Climate Info bulletins on impacts of CC in the Baltic Sea region
Gap-fit analysis, impact and vulnerability assessment reports (by Dec 2012)
Information portal “Baltic Window”; linked to the CLIMATE-ADAPT portal (expected by May 2013)

Upcoming project events:
2nd Policy Forum in Dec 2012 in Stockholm, SE (see corresponding news post)
5th Partner Meeting in April 2013 in Vilnius, LT
3rd Policy Forum in May 2013 in Tallin, EE
Final project conference in Sept 2013 in Riga, LV

More detailed information on project events and documents:

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