HERRING project in the South Baltic region kicked-off

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On 25 September 2012, the Kick-Off Meeting of the project HERRING took place as side event to the ECSA (Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association) 51th International Symposium in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The project is led by EUCC – The Coastal Union Germany, and the partner consortium is complemented by the Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries in Germany, the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Poland, and the World Maritime University in Sweden.

HERRING aims at an improved integrated management of coastal ecosystems by using herring – one of the region’s key natural resources – as an example. Three important coastal spawning places in the South Baltic area will function as case studies in the project, undergoing a closer examination with respect to their ecological importance, present and future spatial uses and human stressors, and the governing multi-level management structures.

News and activities of the project are soon to be found on the project website www.baltic-herring.eu.

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