APICE project emphasizes port integration into air policy

By Pedro Fernández, EUCC Mediterranean Centre

APICE project contributes to a better consideration of ports and maritime traffic into public and private policies towards air quality improvement .

Ports are an inescapable part of the territory and they have a major function for economic development. However, impacts occur, among them, air pollutants release contributing to poor urban air quality. Thus, when considering the issue of port-territory integration, air quality is an important topic to bear in mind.

This was the theme of the conference held on 18th October in Valencia, “Port and territory: Keys for integration”. Pedro Fernánez from EUCC Mediterranean Centre, representing the APICE project, presented the situation of ports and cities regarding air quality, focusing on Barcelona, as well as scientific results and main directions of air emissions mitigation plan being developed.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

More information about APICE: http://www.apice-project.eu/