Arctic Futures Symposium 2012

The EU Committee of the Regions will host the 2012 Arctic Futures Symposium on  October 4th and 5th in Brussels, Belgium. The European Union Committee of the Regions (CoR) will be hosting the symposium this year. For the third year, Arctic Futures will bring together a wide variety of Arctic stakeholders, including EU and foreign policymakers, scientists, industry representatives, indigenous peoples and academics.
A key international multidisciplinary forum to discuss future scenarios for the Arctic, participants will discuss key issues facing a region of the world that is gaining increasing interest across the globe. This year’s symposium will discuss the following topics:
  • Recent developments from the Arctic Council
  • The future of energy resources in the Arctic (including renewable energy solutions)
  • The management of fisheries and marine protected areas
  • The continuing development of necessary infrastructure to meet the growing needs of maritime transport and search and rescue efforts
  • The importance of long-term scientific monitoring in the Arctic