ACR Approves Offset Methodology for Emission Reductions from Deltaic Wetland Restoration

Source: ACR

ARLINGTON, Va. and NEW ORLEANS, La. (Sept. 18, 2012) – A revolutionary new tool is now available to help restore the Gulf of Mexico’s disappearing coastal wetlands — Louisiana’s first line of defense against damaging hurricanes like Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Isaac. Funded by Entergy Corporation, developed by New Orleans-based Tierra Resources and approved for use by the American Carbon Registry (ACR) following stakeholder consultation and scientific peer review, the new tool creates a self-sustaining revenue source for wetlands restoration through the sale of carbon offsets.

Here’s how it works: When Mississippi River delta wetlands are restored, landowners can use the new methodology to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions the rebuilt wetlands will absorb over time. Included in the calculation are the emissions avoided by slowing the rapid loss of existing wetlands throughout the region. The result is registered carbon credits, which landowners can sell to companies that want to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. The proceeds from the sale of carbon credits help offset the landowner’s costs for wetland restoration activities.

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