How can Grids protect and enhance the Environment? Implementing the European Grid Declaration

3 October 2012 in La Défense, Paris

In order for Europe to meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and successfully make the transition to a low carbon economy, large quantities of variable renewable energy sources will need to be integrated into the European electricity transmission network and transported across Europe to areas of demand. This will require both grid moder-nisation and expansion. Our challenge is to understand how this can be achieved while minimising the negative impacts on our natural environment, and where possible, delivering environmental improvements.
Under the guidance of RGI, a coalition of Europe’s 29 largest environmental NGOs and grid operators pledged to work in partnership to ensure that the goals of grid modernisation and environmental protection can be achieved side by side. The European Grid Declaration on Electricity Network Development and Nature Conservation in Europe (EGD) was publicly signed at the European Parliament in Brussels and handed over to EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger on 10 November 2011.