EUCC Med Centre contributes to the development of the Marine Strategy for the Levantine-Balearic region of Spain

The documents that comprise the first phase of definition of marine strategies for each of the five marine regions identified for Spain (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Strait and Alboran, Levantine-Balearic and Canary) have been open to public consultation from June 1 to July 15, 2012. EUCC Mediterranean Centre cared to use the data and knowledge collected in activities and projects related to marine litter to review and comment on two of the technical documents of the marine strategies for the Levantine-Balearic Region (Mediterranean) namely the one related to the setting of Environmental Objectives and the one which develops the Descriptor 10: marine litter. Mediterranean Centre congratulates the authors for the high level and rigor of the evaluation. Our contribution has attempted to link marine litter more evidently to some of the environmental objectives, to contribute new data and to help refine the methodology to identify marine litter origins. EUCC has further provided some preliminary ideas for working on prevention and offered to assist in the implementation of monitoring programs and the definition of measures.

You can read the comments document here