EUCC – The Coastal Union Germany coordinates the new EU South Baltic Project “HERRING”

The project aims at an improved integrated management of coastal ecosystems and of one of their key natural resources herring. It brings into focus three areas of the South Baltic region that are important spawning and nursery grounds: the German “Greifswalder Bodden”, the Polish “Vistula Lagoon” and the Swedish “Blekinge archipelago”, functioning as case studies in the project. Within these areas, the ecological status, present and future human spatial activities and their impacts, as well as further influences will be analysed.

HERRING aims to provide a neutral platform for cross-border exchange to identify best-practice and to adjust regional spatial management for the benefit of the Baltic Sea ecosystem and the people living off its natural resources.
The partnership of the project consists of 4 partners and 8 associated organisations from Germany, Poland, Sweden and Lithuania.

The duration of the project is from June 2012 to December 2014.

HERRING is funded by the South Baltic Cross-Border Co-Operation Programme 2007-2013.