We are Mediterranean

Source: EC
Water at nearly all of Europe’s coastal and inland bathing sites is clean enough to swim in – as overall quality improves.
The findings – from the European Environment Agency’s annual bathing water report – are based on regular samples taken from more than 22 000 coastal and inland bathing sites across Europe.
The number of sites found to have water of “excellent” quality increased by 3.5% since last year, while those having “sufficient” water quality increased by 1%. Less than 2% did not meet the EU’s minimum standards.
The best…and the worst
The top performers in 2011 were Cyprus, Croatia, Malta and Greece, where over 90% of all bathing sites were found to be “excellent”. The remaining bathing areas complied with mandatory standards.
The worst performers were the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia, Luxembourg and Belgium, where a relatively low number of sites met minimum EU standards.
In the UK…

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