Wadden Sea Day 2012

Energy transition in the Wadden Sea –
Challenges towards a climate friendly and sustainable Wadden Sea region

30 August 2012

Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum

The Wadden Sea Day 2012 highlights the challenges concerning climate change, energy production and conservation of the Wadden Sea World Heritage.
Background and Objective
Climate change and its consequences such as enhanced sea level rise, higher storm surges, increased temperatures and increasing sediment deficits will have an impact on the ecology and landscape of the Wadden Sea and may affect the safety of the inhabitants.
The global and national efforts to mitigate the causes of climate change will need the support of the regional level. Therefore, it is especially necessary to call upon local and regional competent authorities and stakeholders to work towards developing the Wadden Sea into a CO2-neutral area by 2030 (Sylt Declaration 2010).
The conference has the aim to provide insight into recent developments in the energy sector and to discuss with scientists and managers how to address the upcoming challenges in the Wadden Sea region.