We are Mediterranean

19 June 2012, 15:30 – 17:00

Venue: T-3 (RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

An official Rio+20 Side Event

The Mediterranean eco-region tries to consolidate efforts and demonstrate through action its common regional will to achieve sustainable development, while preserving and improving the Mediterranean Environment and its rich Biodiversity. The event brings together all the major Mediterranean institutions to:

  • consolidate progress since Rio and Johannesburg,
  • propose concrete options  to speed up the governance schemes and know-how required to effectively promote green growth in the Mediterranean.

Panelists and participants have been transposing to the Mediterranean context global concerns identified in “The Future We Want” and “The Transition to a Green Economy”, with main agreed areas of focus:

  • Systematic promotion of resource efficiency
  • Promotion of green and blue economy investments
  • Expansion of ethical and green banking
  • Reduction of energy losses (through incentives)
  • Generalization of production and use of renewable energy
  • Care for non…

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