EUCC’s Coastal&Marine x-Pierience, an experience at sea!

Last year on the Pier in Scheveningen, a touristic hotspot at the Dutch coast, we opened a new information centre: The Coastal & Marine x-Pierience. Here we organise activities and exhibitions to show the public what they can do for a healthy sea. We forecast movies, children can come to identify their beach finds, there is a shop with special coastal and marine articles and you can take a photo of yourself with a changing underwater background!
In 2012, we focus on a new theme every two months:

  • May-June: Tourism at the sea
  • July-August: Life in and at sea
  • September-October: Pollution in the sea
  • November-December: Fisheries at sea

For every theme we organise special movie nights, thematic weekends and an exhibition.
Visit for the latest activities.

Coastal&Marine x-Pierience; Pier, Scheveningen, The Netherlands (first glass pavilion).
Free entrance, opening times:
Wednesday                        12.00-17.00
Saturday and Sunday    11.00-17.00
During holidays extra open at Thursday and Friday 12.00-17.00