ICZM in Europe: the way forward , OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference in Riga

The OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference “Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe: the way forward”, organised under auspices of DG Environment, was held in Riga (Latvia) on 27-28 October 2011. Over 160 participants represented European, national, regional and local authorities engaged in policy making, planning and management of coastal issues, as well as researchers, consultants, non-governmental organisations among other interested stakeholders. It has been a great opportunity for the coastal and marine community to gather and collectively reflect on-going experiences and on the further needs to support the implementation of ICZM in Europe. The focus was on the exchange of experiences and good practices in ICZM in order to share and showcase the wealth of coastal-related activities and initiatives in Europe. The final programme, presentations, videos and photos are all available online at http://www.ourcoastconferenceriga.eu/programme/index.htm

Furthermore the latest OURCOAST E-newsletter is ready – please download Issue nr. 9 – that includes the results from the Stakeholders Conference, voices from participants and the announcement of the new desk officer for ICZM, Mr. Jeroen Caeser representing the European Commission Directorate-General Environment, among other items. Visit OURCOAST at http://ec.europa.eu/ourcoast


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